Reese Valentine

3D generalist

Project Name: 25th Anniversary SyFy Channel Bumper, "Frozen Time"

Client: SyFy

Role: Producer & 3D Generalist

Tools: Maya, Arnold Render Engine, Photoshop, Krita

Year Completion: 2018

I was apart of a small team with two other 3D artists to work on a channel bumper for SyFy. I worked on pre-production, 3D modelling, and was the team's producer.

My focus was on populating the scene with vehicles, modelling the character at the end fighting against the monster, and creating the rain particle effect. A screenshot of the vehicles in Maya is below.

I would write briefings for our contact at SyFy and respond to feedback from them, taking it into account for our team's schedule. I assigned tasks and we would check on progress weekly.

I created the document format and the storyboard that was approved by our contact from SyFy.

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