Reese Valentine

3D generalist

Project Name: Friendshrimp The Game

Role: Lead Artist, prev. Animator & Rigger

Tools: Maya, Unity

Year Completion: 2019

Friendshrimp is a 3D puzzle platformer, where the player is a tiny mantis shrimp with a giant appetite for destruction.

Initially, I worked just as the Animator and Rigger for the project. The hermit crab is an enemy I created a rig and animations for. I wanted to allow for flexible movement with the tail and antennae. The rig and animations are below.

I became the Lead Artist and kept track of the Artist Team's schedule, assign tasks to members, run the weekly art meetings, and I would also meet with the other leads to talk about the overall trajectory of the project. I was in charge of testing art assets in engine and I also took on the role of assisting with greyboxing new levels.

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Friendshrimp the Game
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